Why Just Rent Sydney?

Residential investment property sydneyThere is a better way.

Why are so many residential investment property owners disappointed in the way in which their investment properties are being handled? Why is it difficult to find a rental real estate agency that offers exceptional service? And why is it so hard to find a decent property manager? To get to the bottom of it we decided to ask owners and investors some simple questions.

  • What are residential property managers doing poorly and what can we do to improve the service for you?
  • How can we add value to your property?
  • What do property owners look for in a good property manager?
  • How can we reward our clients and deliver a better property management service?

From the responses, the solutions were obvious:

Complete focus and personal attention. At Just Rent Sydney, we are personally responsible for ensuring the individual needs of our clients are met. We offer a unique property management referral system, hand selecting and directing owners to only the best property management agencies in Sydney.

We embrace change and are constantly challenging tradition because we have a strong desire to improve the way the real estate industry operates.

The key to our success is our enthusiastic and dedicated property management agents who are focused on one thing and one thing only – providing the best possible property management experience for owners and tenants in both residential property and commercial.

Your benefits when you make the smart move to Just Rent Sydney:

  • We are a specialist Property Management Agency offering a unique, free referral system. That’s all we do and because that’s all we do, we have become experts in this field. We won`t be distracted by a sales division, we will give you all the attention you deserve.
  • We provide an award winning service
  • We COMMUNICATE! We won’t leave you hanging!
  • We provide intensive and continual training for all our employees across all levels of the company
  • We only have the best people in the business managing your investment; with their forward-thinking, innovative attitude we offer professional, efficient service on a friendly level.
  • We maximise the return on your residential property investment. By delivering the best service agencies in the industry, we can help you attract first class tenants, market leading rents and increase your properties rental yield, and offer a level of client satisfaction that is the envy of the competition.
  • We select rental agencies that limit the number of properties each qualified and experienced property manager handles. That means we won’t sacrifice the service and you get the personal attention you deserve!
  • We deliver on our service, are easy to do business with and will give the very best personal attention to the smallest detail

Find out more about our services on the Owners frequently asked questions page or why don’t you make the smart move today? It’s easy, just Contact Us.